Blockscoops premium offerings provide valuable time savings and high cost of entry alpha.

We aggregate hundreds of hours of influencer content per week into a distilled, digestible email update so you can enjoy your life while knowing what projects/coins are getting traction.

Our Alpha and Whale Watchers are sourced from Blue Chip NFT DAOs and private Alpha Groups that require sizable investments and connections to access. Your monthly subscription is a very small cost for access to the information we provide.

Membership also includes access to our private discord channels where you can review:

  • YouTube shownotes
  • Drop Calendars
  • NFT discussion, mint and aftermarket calls
  • DeFi discussion, alpha
  • Our witty puns and takes on crypto,culture, politics and history

Recurring Plan
only $20
Is a Recurring Payment (monthly) on a small fee for testing purpose.

New Updates will be available!

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