Q) What is Block Scoops?

Block Scoops is your source for the latest news and information on the hottest trends in crypto from tokens to NFT to technology. We stay up to date with everything and give you the important parts so you don’t have to spend hours upon hours on Youtube and Twitter like we do.

Q) Is Block Scoops free?

Our main newsletter and website are free and will always be free.

Q) Is there a paid version?

Yes, but not yet. Right now, we just want to build a community and add value. Eventually, we’ll be offering a paid subscription service that has more frequent updates, NFT minting reminders and scheduling, breaking news in real time, and compiles specific picks from influencers. We’re also developing some key proprietary data analytics tools which we plan to make available.

Q) Is Block Scoops giving me financial advice?


Anybody giving you financial advice would probably tell you to spend your money on speculative, unregulated investments in a new asset class. Nobody here is suggesting that it’s a good idea to do so either.

Block Scoops is expressly for entertainment purposes only.

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